SV: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

We have built a tool to visualize SPARQL results. It is called DaViz [1]. The emphasis was on providing a wizard that can suggest a proper visualization for the data structure. It also has the ability to do pivoting by letting the user drop on column on another. Demo site: [2]. We also made a prototype SPARQL adapter for JasperReports and will most likely pursue that for our Java-based websites.

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Emne: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

Dear all,

we are trying to compile a survey of topics and tools for visualizing Linked Data. This is part of the contributions of the European project EUCLID (<>), which aims to provide an educational curriculum for Linked Data practitioners. So far we have created training materials on introducing the Linked Data principles and application scenarios [1<>], and on querying Linked Data [2<>]. Currently we are working on covering visualization. If you are a developer or a user of methods or tools, which are relevant and we have missed, please let us know (direct reply to the email or<> and on Twitter

All training materials produced by EUCLID are freely available [3<>] (Attribution) and can be reused for trainings and educational activities.

 *    Linked Data Visualization
    *   Visualisation Techniques
       *   Visualizing the Linked Data Cloud
       *   Requirement for Visualisation Tools
       *   Visualizing Different Data Dimensions
    *   Existing Linked Data Visualisations
       *   Simple bar and pie charts, histograms, line and scatterplots
       *   Node-link tree and graph visualisations, in both 2D and 3D
       *   Matrices, parallel co-ordinates
       *   Timeline and topology plots, map and landscape views
       *   Space-filling visualisations such as tree maps, rose diagrams, icicle, bubble and sunburst plots
       *   Iconography, including star and glyph plots
       *   Text-based
    *   Linked Data Browsers
       *<>, sindice, OpenLink RDF Browser, Marbles, Disco - Disco Hyperdata Browser, Piggy Bank, part of SIMILE, Zitgist DataViewer, iLOD, URI Burner
    *   Browsers with Visualisation Options
       *   Tabulator, IsaViz, OpenLink Data Explorer, RDF Gravity, RelFinder, DBpedia Mobile, LESS<>
       *   Further: SIMILE Exhibit, Haystack, FoaF Explorer, Humboldt, LENA, Noadster, mSpace, Revyv, RKBExplorer, Semanlink
    *   Visualisation toolkits
       *   Information Workbench Linked Open Data, Graves
    *   SPARQL Visualisation

Thank you for your feedback!

Visit out website for further resources:<>

[3] Attribution 3.0 Unprotected

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