The GeoKnow Survey - A Survey for Geospatial Data Users

Many different applications we deal with on a daily basis have some kind
of geographic dimension. This geospatial information is normally
required for decision making at different levels. However, this
information is dispersed among a multiplicity of sources. At GeoKnow
<> we aim to make information seeking easier by
allowing exploration, editing and interlinking of heterogeneous
information sources with a spatial dimension.

Now we are interested in getting to know the people that face these
kinds of issues in their everyday work. We have created a survey to help
us to understand and to hear more about their experience with geospatial
data.  This survey targets geospatial data consumers and providers, and
GIS users interested in having an integrated web of geospatial data.

*If you use geospatial data in your work, your contribution in this
survey will be highly appreciated.* The outcome of this survey will
impact the use cases and requirements for the GeoKnow project, which
aims to create a versatile software framework to rapidly generate
spatial semantic web applications.

We are offering a *20 euro Amazon voucher to the first 50 completed
surveys*. Willing to participate? Please go right away to:

The Geoknow Survey <>

We value your participation!

Received on Thursday, 28 March 2013 14:48:52 UTC