5th AI Mashup Challenge at ESWC2013

5th AI Mashup Challenge at ESWC 2013
Second Call for Papers

The AI mashup challenge accepts and awards mashups that use semantic
web technology, including but not restricted to machine learning and
data mining, machine vision, natural language processing, reasoning,
ontologies in the context of the semantic web. Mashups will be
presented in a special session during the ESWC 2013 Conference, which
will be held in Montpellier, from Sunday, May 26, 2013 to Thursday,
May 30, 2013.


A mashup is a lightweight (web) application that offers new
functionality by combining, aggregating and transforming resources and
services available on the web. Combination alone is not enough to call
it a mashup. Consider, for example, visiting a site that is written in
a foreign language. Simultaneously using a dictionary in order to
translate certain words is not a mashup. A possible mashup would be a
new service allowing to click on a foreign word and simultaneously get
it translated.

Instructions for Challengers

This year, the awards will be decided both by the Program Committee
and the Conference participants. The Program Committee will provide
the 40% of the final score of each mashup whereas the Conference
participants will vote for the remaining 60%. The Program committee
will also decide which mashups will participate in the event.

As soon as you decide to participate in this event, register your
mashup by sending an email to Ioannis Papadakis (see
http://aimashup.org). The organizers will provide you with access to a
subpage of the wiki in order to advertise your mashup and refer to its
URL. Have in mind that your mashup stays at your URL and under your
control. You can go on improving it until the days of the conference.
Submit a 5-page paper (LNCS format) corresponding to the mashup. Be
careful, there is a deadline for paper submission! All submissions
will be peer-reviewed. The reviewing process will result in the
mashups that qualify to participate in the event and claim the awards.
The Challenge will have its own session during the Conference and you
will be asked to present your mashup with a poster and/or laptop.
At the end of the event, all Conference participants will vote for the
best mashup. Their vote together with the evaluation of the Program
Committee will decide the winners of the Challenge.
The top-three papers will be published in supplementary
post-conference proceedings to be published by Springer in the Lecture
Notes in Computer Science series. If your paper belongs to the
top-three, you will be asked to address the reviewers' comments and
provide a camera-ready version as well.
Have in mind that you have enough time until the days of the
Conference to improve your mashup and increase your chances to win the


Mashup announcement: March 21st, 2013
Paper submission: March 31st, 2013
Participation notification: April 26th, 2013
Event and Awards announcement: May 26th-30th, 2013

For more details, visit AI Mashup Challenge 2013 website: http://aimashup.org

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