Re: Semantic Publishing Workshop@ESWC

On 03/01/2013 06:25 AM, Alexander Garcia Castro wrote:
> Submissions will be welcome from a broad range of approaches to semantic
> publishing. We are particularly keen on submissions that are themselves
> examples of semantic publishing of scholarly works. LaTeX documents in
> the LNCS format can, e.g., be annotated using SALT or sTeX. We also
> invite submissions in XHTML+RDFa or in the format of YOUR semantic
> publishing tool. However, to ensure a fair review procedure, authors
> must additionally produce a narrative submitted as a PDF that is
> submitted as normal.
> Submission is via EasyChair
> (
> Papers must formatted according to the LNCS format

Thanks Alexander.

Which format is required for final submit (camera-ready / publishing)? 

In other words, if XHTML+RDFa is submitted along with PDF, is that 
sufficient or must LaTeX be provided in the end?

The answer to that question would help me tremendously to categorize 
"Semantic Publishing Workshop" and decide whether to proceed.



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