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Re: Reuse

From: Barry Norton <barry.norton@ontotext.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 14:29:31 +0100
Message-ID: <4FE321BB.7000408@ontotext.com>
To: public-lod@w3.org
On 21/06/2012 11:09, Juan Sequeda wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Barry Norton 
> <barry.norton@ontotext.com <mailto:barry.norton@ontotext.com>> wrote:
>     It is rather funny though - if we're not going to (directly) get
>     the (open) graph that we want, we'll use our technology to let any
>     number of corporates build their (closed) graphs.
> Who says it is not open? It out there on the web. Anybody can crawl 
> it. You know how to map the vocabularies. Anybody can do it.

Not me. It is. I just said we don't get it directly (because people are 
persuaded of LOD Principles), but indirectly (because people accept a 
poor imitation).

And people see the value, until we show them otherwise, not from a large 
linked graph, but from private graphs (like the laughably-named 'Open 

(Just to be clear: there is a bit of devil's advocacy in my posts - you 
know me - I do believe that there is much that's positive with 
Google/Facebook/Twitter's pushing things forward)

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