Re: Metadata about single triples

On 2/23/12 7:07 AM, Carsten Ke▀ler wrote:
> Dear Kingsley,
>>> But this is what (most?) triple stores do with the default graph in the
>>> absence of FROM/NAMED clauses in queries anyway. (Certainly this is the
>>> Sesame approach, followed by OWLIM.)
>> Not so re. Virtuoso. The Graph IRIs don't matter. Only used them if you
>> explicitly seek to constrain the dataset from which you seek a SPARQL based
>> solution.
> This is the behavior we want to have. In most cases, we'll have
> queries that select the named graphs to query from via their metadata.
> E.g. "give me all reports about food distributions reported on
> 2011-12-15 by organization XY", where the reporting data and reporting
> organization would be metadata of our named graphs.
>> Same data across different Graph IRIs != duplication.
> This was essentially one of my questions. Is this the case only for Virtuoso?
> Carsten

I would hope this is the case for any quad store .



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