[http-range14] Definition of the Dereferencing URI

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I am writing a paper and I would like to define the meaning of the
Dereferencing URI on the Web.

When resolve a URI on the traditional Web, we retrieve a document
representation of the resource with status code 200OK, means we resolve the
URI successfully. On the Semantic Web, when resolve a Real World Object
URI, we cannot retrieve the object itself, but we will redirect to a
information resource (a RDF document) which describes the URI, by parsing
the RDF, we can understand the meaning of the URI according to the RDF
triples description, we conclude that the request succeeded.

Here are my definitions:

*Resource: *Anything can be identified by a URI.

Dereferencing URI:  the act of retrieving a representation of a resource or
the semantic description of a resource created by the URI owner.

Dereferencing Succeeded: When dereferencing a URI, an agent successfully
retrieved the representation of the resource or received the semantic
description of a resource via the protocol specified within the URI.

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