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> >> In addition to the above, here's a link to a sample book description
> >> that incorporates terms from GoodRelations: .
> > Kingsley and Folks, apologies if I sidetrack to much and please point me to more proper discussion space!
> >
> > looking at this shortened URI with domain, if I wanted to represent archive of this mailing list in RDF (SIOC whatever) would You recommend me dereferencing this URI and storing and extra triple with canonical URI? still for older posts if a used shortening service goes down...
> >
> >> The book publishers can use this as a guide etc..
> >>
> >
> >
> If you want a Linked Data URI, it is: 
> .
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thank you Kingsley for fast reply :)
most likely I haven't expressed myself clearly - reading my message again I find it confusing myself :(

I wanted to ask about your views on using URL shortening services and depending later on URIs with their domains. possibly paranoid view but if we use some of those services heavily it seams to me like creating *single point(s) of failure* like in case where would just shut down service and make impossible dereferencing shortened URIs

I have similar concerns with any services which have IMO kind of monopolistic tendencies: google, dropbox, amazon, microsoft  etc. but maybe in such case I should also worry about position of dbpedia in could of LOD?

apologies once more for sometimes writing messages in confusing way and tendencies to drift away with topics...

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