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Re: Linked Data Book in Early Access Release

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2012 09:05:33 -0500
Message-ID: <50BF54AD.2010407@openlinksw.com>
To: David Wood <david@3roundstones.com>
CC: public-lod@w3.org
On 12/5/12 8:56 AM, David Wood wrote:
> On Dec 5, 2012, at 08:46, Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com> wrote:
>> On 12/5/12 7:55 AM, David Wood wrote:
>>> On Dec 5, 2012, at 06:34, Chris Beer<chris@codex.net.au>  wrote:
>>>>> <snip>
>>>>>>>>> http://www.manning.com/dwood/  itself doesn't seam to have any Linked Data
>>>>>>>>> to consume;)
>>>>> Makes sense to me - if you know enough to look for LD resources at the
>>>>> manning.com/dwood/ URI, you've just self evaluated that you probably don't
>>>>> need the book! :P
>>> I agree - and have been speaking with Manning about this.  Unfortunately, I haven't made any progress yet.  I'll keep trying!
>>> Thanks for the mail.  Perhaps I can use it as proof to Manning that people do want LD on their site.
>>> Regards,
>>> Dave
>> Dave,
>> They have to understand that its sorta contradictory if they need to be convinced of this matter :-)
> Oh, I see your point and have made it myself.  Unfortunately, economics seems to be dictating otherwise to them for right or wrong.
> The only productive suggestion that has been made to me is to put up a parallel site for the book that includes LD.  Michael Hausenblas has offered the domain linkeddatadeveloper.com, which was his original site for the book but has fallen into disuse.  Of course, I would need to be willing to pay for the site and take the time to operate it.
> Would the community find that a useful thing to do?  I am willing to go to the effort if I receive a good number of positive responses.
> Regards,
> Dave
A while back, there was a thread (on this list) about simple Linked Data 
deployment demonstration scenarios. I suggest you simply describe the 
book in a Turtle document then publish a link from one of the data 
spaces you control. You don't need more than that for this dog-fooding 
to kick in :-)


1. http://bit.ly/SBDmXr -- describing stuff I like using a turtle 
document .



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