Fwd: [Dbpedia-discussion] Mapping Sprin(g|t) 2012 to DBpedia release 3.8

Dear all,
now is a good time to fix your favorite errors (all languages) in 
DBpedia for the 3.8 release. Please note the email below.
All the best,
PS: of course the live version should always be up to date: 

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Subject: 	[Dbpedia-discussion] Mapping Sprin(g|t) 2012 to DBpedia 
release 3.8
Date: 	Wed, 18 Apr 2012 10:41:31 +0200
From: 	Jona Christopher Sahnwaldt <jc@sahnwaldt.de>
To: 	dbpedia-discussion@lists.sourceforge.net, 

Hi everyone,

the new mapping statistics from the latest wikipedia data are finally online at

http://mappings.dbpedia.org/sprint/ and

I would like to invite everyone to join the DBpedia Mapping Sprin(g|t)
2012! Get your language to the top until April 28. The new and
improved mappings will be used for the upcoming DBpedia 3.8 release.
Also, please find, discuss and fix problems in the DBpedia ontology.
We will add a few templates that make it easier to mark problems on
ontology pages.

Because of some hiccups in the last week, the curves look broken, but
as the new data is added, they will get prettier in a few days. The
new coverage percentage numbers may be a bit lower than before because
there are now more templates in Wikipedia.

Happy mappings!

Best regards,

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