Yet more metadata statistics out - from Sindice

HI Peter, all

to add (a probably small element of discussion) to this

i am happy to say that last week we released on the frontpage some
analytics stats which are fresh updated every week.

At the moment they come from  500million+ web URLS. Maybe not much but
pls notice we ONLY retain web urld which return RDF, RDFa, Microdata,
Microforamts etc (and trow away trivial markup).

Next week we hope to release the detailed per domain stats.

General analytics (classes) :

Schema specific analytics:

Its all on the homepage on (see analytics tab)

Note: sindice is NOT at this point wildly crawling the web but rather
is accepting (and acting immediately) submissions of sitemaps, pings
and RDF datasets. Please submit yours to see them indexed (and
refreshed) at a reasonable rate nowadays


On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 4:06 PM, Peter Mika <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> To add one more data point to the previous discussion about
>, we have recently presented a short position paper at the
> LDOW 2012 workshop at WWW 2012. Online at
> Please compare this carefully with the results of Bizer et al.:
> As it always the case with statistics, it matters what you count on and how
> you count ;) For example, Chris and his co-authors did not consider most of
> OGP data on the Web, which results in large discrepancies in the counts for
> RDFa, as well as overall counts.
> Nevertheless, both studies confirm that the Semantic Web, and in particular
> metadata in HTML, is taking on in major ways thanks to the efforts of
> Facebook, the sponsors of and many other individuals and
> organizations. Comparing to our previous numbers, for example we see a
> five-fold increase in RDFa usage with 25% of webpages containing RDFa data
> (including OGP), and over 7% of web pages containing microdata. These are
> incredibly impressive numbers, which illustrate that this part of the
> Semantic Web has gone mainstream.
> Cheers,
> Peter

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