Re: Europeana launches Linked Open Data Pilot and Animation

Hi Antoine, I´m just playing with Europeana´s dump files 
( and I can´t figure out what is the 
diference from v1 to v1.1... v1 seems to be more complete, based on file 
size. Am I wrong?


On Saturday, February 18, 2012 11:58:51 AM UTC+1, Antoine wrote:
> Dear all (apologies for cross-posting)
> has already existed for several months, but I thought 
> it could be useful to share the following re-release with you, since all 
> the metadata there is now CC0.
> We of course wish to release even more in the coming months. We hope in 
> the meantime that what we release will be used in some services. We stand 
> ready to help anyone who'd be interested!
> Best,
> Antoine
> ...

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