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On 4/4/12 5:48 AM, Michael Smethurst wrote:
> Over recent days this list seems to have settled on something like: if you
> can get a "reasonable" representation it's content; if you can't it's
> description. For some definition of reasonable
> Taking 2 uris from dbpedia:
>  is an organisation /
> corporation / tv channel. It's easyish to argue you can't get a reasonable
> response that isn't just a description
>  is (in wikipedia
> terms) an overspill article. It could be a skos type concept I guess but
> it's more of a compound concept (a sentence). No matter what http evolves
> into, I can't think of a more reasonable response to that than a list of
> controversies involving fox news. What's the 303 doing in that case?
> It's made more confusing because the statements you get back from
> Fox_News_Channel_controversies are more or less identical to the statements
> you get back from Fox_News_Channel because the infoboxes on both wikipedia
> pages are more or less the same. So dbpedia says fox news controversies is
> an entity of type broadcaster and has a broadcastArea, a firstAirDate, a
> headquarter, an owningCompany, a pictureFormat etc
> Yours (in confusion)
> Michael

DBpedia is but one of many data sources accessible via the burgeoning 
Web of Linked Data. The relations in DBpedia are not always accurate per 
se., they typically provide a commencement point for additional 
finessing by subject matter experts. For instance, you can apply YAGO 
[1] context to DBpedia data en route to enhanced relations [2][3] that 
provide better descriptions for a given entity.

The emergence of the "Data Wiki" via projects such as OntoWiki [4] and 
Wikidata [5] will ultimately help everyone understand that Linked Data 
isn't a read-only affair where relations are implicitly canonical, and 
cast in stone :-)


1. -- YAGO

-- a description from the LOD cloud cache we maintain (note: the "Type" 
drop-down and the entries it exposes courtesy of YAGO)

-- YAGO description of the same DBpedia entity

4. -- OntoWiki

5. -- WikiData.



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