[CFP] 1st International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence meets the Web of Data (AImWD-2012)

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1st International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence meets the Web of Data
co-located with European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-2012)
( http://sites.google.com/site/aimwd12/ )


The Linked Data initiative aims at improving data publication on the Web,
thereby creating a
Web of Data: an interconnected, distributed, global data space. The Web of
Data enables
people to share structured data on the Web as easily as they can currently
share documents on
the Web of Documents (WWW). The basic assumption behind the Web of Data is
that the
value and usefulness of data increases with the amount of interlinking with
other data. The
emerging Web of Data includes datasets as extensive and diverse as DBpedia,
Flickr, and
DBLP. A tip of the iceberg representation of its content is behind
maintained at http://lodcloud.net
The availability of this global data space creates new opportunities for
the exploitation of
Artificial Intelligence techniques in relation with knowledge
representation, information
extraction, information integration, and intelligent agents. Two approaches
can emerge: (i)
using AI techniques to address the problems the Web of Data faces or, (ii)
using the design
principles of the Web of Data to improve knowledge representation within AI
The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners
working on the Web of
Data and/or Artificial Intelligence to discuss the union of these two
research areas. Several
core challenges, such as the interconnection of heterogeneous datasets, the
provenance of the
information and trust issues will be at the centre of the discussion. With
this workshop, our
goal is to contribute to the birth of a community having a shared interest
around publishing
data on the Web and exploring it using AI technologies â or the inverse,
developing and
improving AI technologies which use tools from the Web of Data.


+ Christophe Gueret (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
E-mail: c.d.m.gueret@vu.nl

+ Dino Ienco (IRSTEA)
E-mail: dino.ienco@teledetection.fr

+ Francois Scharffe (LIRMM)
E-mail: francois.scharffe@lirmm.fr

+ Serena Villata (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
E-mail: serena.villata@inria.fr


We solicit original and high quality submissions addressing all aspects of
this field. The topics
of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

* Use of machine learning algorithms for linking in the Web of Data
* Inference techniques for answering questions using the Web of Data
* Exploiting rich knowledge bases in the Web of Data
* Intelligent agents exploiting the Web of Data
* Use data mining techniques to schemas alignment in the Web of Data
* Privacy and access control in the Web of Data
* Licensing and provenance issues in the Web of Data
* User interaction and usability issues in the Web of Data
* Crawling, caching and querying the Web of Data
* Web of Data search engines
* Web of Data and Artificial General Intelligence
* Case-Based Reasoning in the Web of Data
* Natural language processing applied to the Web of Data


We are thrilled to have Jerome Euzenat (Research Director at INRIA Lab. of
and Philippe CudrŽ-Mauroux (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
as our confirmed invited speakers.


- May 28, 2012 - Full paper submission deadline
- June 28, 2012 - Notification of acceptance
- July 10, 2012 - Camera-ready paper due
- August 27-31, 2012 - ECAI Conference


The guidelines for paper submission are the following:

- The paper should be written in English.
- The maximum length of a paper is 12 A4-sized pages in LNCS format
  (format download: http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html ).
- The paper should be in PDF format.
- Please submit via the online paper submission system (
https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=aimwd2012 )
- A selection of papers will be published in a special issue of a relevant


Antonis Bikakis (University College London)
Jerome Euzenat (INRIA & LIG)
Fabien Gandon (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
Guido Govenatori (NICTA)
Gianluca Demartini (University of Fribourg)
Bettina Berendt (K.U Leuven)
Roberto Naviglia (University of Romaâ La Sapienza)
Peter Edwards (University of Aberdeen)
Nicola Fanizzi (University of Bari)
Domenico Redavid (University of Bari)
Ben Goertzel (Novamente)
Harry Halpin (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh)
Dominik Benz (Kassel University)
Martin Atzmueller (Kassel University)
Dan Brickley (VU University Amsterdam)
Vinay K. Chaudhri (SRI International)
Harry Halpin (University of Edinburgh)
Deborah McGuinness (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Axel Polleres (Siemens)
Jeff Heflin (Lehigh University)
Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southhampton)
Michael Witbrock (Cycorp)
Jun Zhao (Oxford University)
Paolo Bouquet (University of Trento)
Richard Cyganiak (DERI, Ireland)
Michel Leclere (LIRMM, University of Montpellier, France)
Madalina Croiturou (LIRMM, University of Montpellier, France)


Christophe Gueret, Dino Ienco, Francois Scharffe, Serena Villata

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