ANN: LDIF - Linked Data Integration Framework Version 0.5 'Quality and Fusion' released.

Hi all,

the Web-based Systems Group and our industry partner mes |semantics are
happy to announce the release of the LDIF – Linked Data Integration
Framework Version 0.5 'Quality and Fusion'.

LDIF can be used within Linked Data applications to translate
heterogeneous data from the Web of Linked Data into a clean local
target representation while keeping track of data provenance.
LDIF translates data from the Web into a consistent target vocabulary,
includes an identity resolution component which translates URI
aliases into single target URI and fuses data of instances to resolve
value conflicts.

Version 0.5 includes the following new features:

- a data quality assessment and fusion module (Sieve) for cleansing
data according to user-provided quality assessment policies and
conflict resolution methods;

- a more flexible Integration workflow: single phases can now be
executed or skipped;

- a REST based status monitor;

- improvements in the Output module: QuadStore and intermediate
results outputs are now supported;

- improvements in the Data Access module: RDF/XML and Turtle formats
are now supported and

- several bug fixes.

LDIF is provided under the terms of the Apache Software License.
LDIF can be downloaded from the project webpage which also provides
detailed information about the features and the configuration of the

The development of LDIF is supported in part by Vulcan Inc. as part of
its Project Halo and by the EU FP7 project LOD2 (Grant No. 257943).


Andreas Schultz, Andrea Matteini, Robert Isele, Pablo N. Mendes, Chris
Bizer and Christian Becker

Received on Tuesday, 3 April 2012 16:59:09 UTC