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On 4/1/12 12:31 PM, Michael Brunnbauer wrote:
> Hello Kingsley,
>>> Everything that has a representation has a representation that conveys it's
>>> essential characteristics.
> [...]
>> Aren't we somehow losing the fundamental fact that all resources on the
>> Web are supposed to be bear self-describing content, constrained by mime
>> type. That when all is said and done, irrespective of mime type, all Web
>> resources are Information Resources.
> Your last sentence is what my sentence above says. In
>, an IR is defined as something
> that has a representation that conveys the essential characteristics of it.
> We can get rid of the term information resource by putting something like the
> above statement about representations in the papers - if I am not the only
> one who thinks that things are easier to understand this way :-)

Yes, but in the context of RDF a triple can be seen as conveying 
information about the referent of a URI. This information can take the 
form of a description or a more specific definition.

Resources always bear 'information' the question ultimately boils down 
to what kind of information, subject to the Web system (dimension or 
aspect) in question :-)
> Regards,
> Michael Brunnbauer



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