Re: Think before you write Semantic Web crawlers

We might have learned a couple of things about teaching, although we seemed
to have focused the discussion on only one.

Maybe we should also consider that companies/universities advising people
(esp. small companies) to publish Linked Data, should give them complete
advice, including protection.  If their providers are not able to implement
such simple solutions such as throttling, white/blacklisting, then this a
business opportunity. One could sell Safe Linked Data provision (potentially
including all the WebID goodness) as a package that both shows the beauty
and protects from bad behavior.

Telling people to provide unlimited Web access to their CPU, HD and data
transfer is as much of a disservice as firing a frentic crawler.

At least it seems these were 'friendly fire' that ultimately served to
expose these vulnerabilities. What if they were malicious attacks?

My R$0.02.

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