Re: Think before you write Semantic Web crawlers

The difference is that amateur publishers enrich the Web with their diverse content.
Amateur consumers cause trouble to the Web.


On Jun 22, 2011, at 9:29 PM, Andreas Harth wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> On 06/22/2011 09:08 PM, Martin Hepp wrote:
>> Please make a survey among typical Web site owners on how many of them have
>> 1. access to this level of server configuration and
> > 2. the skills necessary to implement these recommendations.
> d'accord .
> But the case we're discussing there's also:
> 3. publishes millions of pages
> I am glad you brought up the issue, as there are several data providers
> out there (some with quite prominent names) with hundreds of millions of
> triples, but unable to sustain lookups every couple of seconds or so.
> I am very much in favour of amateur web enthusiasts (I would like to claim
> I've started as one).  Unfortunately, you get them on both ends, publishers
> and consumers.  Postel's law applies to both, I guess.
> Best regards,
> Andreas.

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