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On 6/17/11 4:51 PM, Henry Story wrote:
> In short we need to all work together in the semweb as a team, using 
> the tools we have built to do that. It's really not difficult to do. :-)
> [1] video


Working as a team has proven to be a little harder than one assumed a 
few years ago re. Linked Data bootstrap. Instead of collectively 
building the cake and realizing its magnitude, there's been a tendency 
to start scrapping of the poorly formed scraps :-(

When you truly comprehend the magnitude of the Linked Data opportunity, 
the very last thing you'll want to do is own it all yourself, it will 
kill you with indigestion, and that's if you're really lucky :-)

Instead of slapping the all problematic RDF label on Linked Data and 
perpetually inviting and inciting syntax wars, we should be orienting 
ourselves towards solutions that leverage the essence of Linked Data, 
without compromise. Again, we can embrace and extend/cleanup scruffiness 
since the net effect is to pour "opportunity costs" on the scruffy which 
ultimately forces them on board anyhow!



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