CfP: ACM CIKM 2011 International Workshop on Search and Mining User-generated Contents (SMUC 2011)

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Final call for Papers

3rd International Workshop on Search and Mining User-generated Contents
(SMUC 2011)
28th October 2011 | Glasgow, UK

Held in conjunction with the
20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2011) 


Important dates

    * Paper submission:             24 June 2011
    * Notification of acceptance:   29 July 2011
    * Camera-ready:                 19 August 2011
    * SMUC 2011 workshop:           28 October 2011


Nowadays, the huge amount and variety of user generated contents available
in the Web open a wide range of opportunities to enhance information
retrieval and e-commerce applications. Opinions and reviews about products,
annotations and bookmarks on multimedia resources, and friend relations in
social networks are just a few examples of personal information sources to
be exploited in order to both improve the user's experience and increase the
companies' revenues in online search and commerce activities.

As in its previous editions, SMUC 2011 aims at becoming a major
international forum for researchers and practitioners from several
information and knowledge management areas, such as text/data mining,
information extraction, and information retrieval/filtering, which focus
their work on user-generated contents in Social Media.

For SMUC workshop, we identify four main research themes into which the
above research problems can be categorized: Searching in Social Media,
Mining Social Media, Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis, and Multimedia
Processing and Retrieval. For all of them, we are interested in developing
and testing intelligent systems and applications, involving innovative
research from the fields of user modeling, personalization, recommendation,
information visualization, and business intelligence, to name a few.
Different research lines, backgrounds, perspectives and degrees of expertise
will be present at the workshop, and thus very interesting multidisciplinary
discussions, collaborations and work synergies between the workshop
attendees are expected as one of the main outcomes of the event.

Topics of interest

SMUC workshop represents a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and
practitioners that work on knowledge extraction, management and exploitation
in Social Media, and belong to different, but complementary fields such as
Web (content/structure/usage) mining, information retrieval, opinion mining
and sentiment analysis, user modeling, personalization and recommendation,
and multimedia processing and retrieval.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    * Searching in Social Media

        - Social search and ranking algorithms
        - Multi-entity search
        - Multifaceted search
        - Distributed and high performance algorithms: scalability and

    * Mining Social Media

        - Knowledge discovery in Social Media
        - Social network analysis/mining, community detection and evolution
        - Collaborative tagging analysis/mining
        - Topic detection, and trend discovery
        - Influence, trust, and privacy analysis
        - Spamming, phishing, and vandalism detection
        - Cross-lingual and cross-domain text mining

    * Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

        - Opinion extraction, classification, summarization, and
        - Irony detection
        - Plagiarism detection of duplicate or near-duplicate opinions
        - Temporal sentiment analysis
        - Cross-lingual and cross-domain sentiment analysis
        - Blog analysis, and micro-blog mining
        - Product review analysis

    * Multimedia processing and retrieval in Social Media

        - Multimedia information extraction and retrieval in Social Media
        - Multimodal retrieval
        - Audio, music and video (clip) processing and analysis
        - Context-based multimedia retrieval
        - Detection of cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, cyber-pedophilia

    * Intelligent systems & applications in Social Media

        - User modeling, personalization, and recommender systems
        - Market analysis, and Business Intelligence applications (direct
marketing, branding, etc.)

Organizing Committee

    * Iván Cantador, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
    * Francisco M. Carrero, BrainSINS & Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain
    * José C. Cortizo, BrainSINS & Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain
    * Paolo Rosso, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
    * Markus Schedl, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
    * José A. Troyano, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain 

Contact information

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