Re: in RDF ...

>> David, as you know, it is trivial to distinguish in representation the
>> difference between an information object and a person.
> Correct.  And that distinction is important to some apps and not to
> others.

I am glad we agree. We also agree that what is important is not
germane to the technical question of whether ambiguity is necessary, I

>> I don't understand why you keep repeating this misinformation.
> Huh???  That's a rather rude accusation.  What misinformation do you
> mean?  Please be more specific.

A comment is posted that raises a specific form of ambiguity. Your
response is that ambiguity is inevitable. Yet we agree that in this
case(and in other specific cases in which you have responded with this
flavor of comment)  it is trivial to avoid. So your response is at
best misleading or non-sequitor.

I'm sorry if my response came off as rude, however I am concerned that
there be clarity in these conversations as the outcomes may turn out
to be important.


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