ANN: Sudoc bibliographic ans authority data


Sudoc [1], the French academic union catalogue maintained by ABES [2], 
has just been released as linked open data.

10 million bibliographic records are now available as RDF/XML.

Examples for the Sudoc record whose internal id is 132133520 :
. Resource URI :
. Generic document : (content negotiation 
is supported)
. RDF/XML page :
. HTML pages with microdata [3] for search engines : . The users are not supposed to visit 
these microdata pages : they are redirected to the standard UI :

Sudoc RDF data are linked to and .

They are also linked to IdRef [4], ie the Sudoc authority file that ABES 
considers as a separate and open application.
2 million IdRef records are also available as RDF data (since October 2010).
The links between Sudoc and IdRef are bidirectional.
For example, (// /Rethinking symbolism/ 
by Dan Sperber ) links to D. Sperber's IdRef URI: .
But, in the other direction, links to 
*all* the Sudoc documents that are linked to this authority.

In next months, we hope to add more links to our data, to OCLC and BnF 
resources among others.

More info (in French) here :

Best regards,

[3] Shame on us ;) (twice)

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Received on Thursday, 7 July 2011 21:17:50 UTC