SPARQL servers used in the LOD Cloud

Yesterday I pulled a list of all SPARQL endpoints in the LOD Cloud  
diagram from the CKAN API. There are 141. After removing 24 that were  
offline, timed out or otherwise inaccessible, I had a list of 117 that  
produced valid responses to a simple SPARQL query.

I then categorized them according to the server software used (by  
looking at the “Server” HTTP header, or various other telltale signs  
in the responses, or in a few cases at the site documentation).  
Results are below.

The real news here is that we now have more than 100 live SPARQL  
endpoints in the Cloud. I'm not going to attempt any further  
interpretation of this data, but it should be useful for anyone who  
needs SPARQL endpoints for testing their client against.

If you are aware of any SPARQL endpoints that are missing here, please  
consider adding it to the relevant package in CKAN (or creating a new  
package if necessary). As a fall-back, email me ;-)




Talis Platform

D2R Server





Received on Friday, 1 October 2010 12:09:12 UTC