Re: dbpedia lite

> Nicholas Humfrey wrote:
>>> Re. <>, any chance that you could add <link
>>> rel="alternate" .../> links in <head/> such that the HTML based
>>> Descriptor Docs are associated with alternative Descriptor Docs in
>>> different formats (JSON, N3 etc..).
>> Yes, certainly. I have put this on my Todo list.
>>> In addition, would you consider adding RDFa into the HTML Descriptor
>>> docs such that they to becomes a machine readable structured Linked Data
>>> Sources for RDFa aware agents etc.
>> There is RDFa already there for the Thing pages. Is there something missing?
>> Is it Void type stuff that you want me to add to the RDFa?
> Hmm, I get:
> Which returns:
> Unable to retrieve RDF data from "":
> HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request

Hi Kingsley,

No RDF/XML or proper content negotiation yet. Coming soon hopefully.

There is support for N-Triples and JSON:
curl -i -H "Accept: text/plain"
curl -i -H "Accept: application/json"

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