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Fine-grained LOD and managing network traffic?

From: Uche Ogbuji <uche@ogbuji.net>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 23:24:32 -0600
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Chimezie raised some interesting points about the possibility of network
congestion given the LOD practice of HTTP URIs everywhere.


I know that this is in part why the hasher camp became dominant, as
same-origin restriction reduces network load when you use hashes at fine
grain.  But I think figuring put that coarse-grained/fine-grained boundary
is one of the main open architectural issues of LOD, so I found it useful to
follow some analysis on the matter.

I figured I'd mention it because I think the discussion of PURL
infrastructure and federation that came up on this list recently is
important for boosting the iron, but I think the issues Chimezie brings up
are analogous to working out optimization of algorithmic complexity.

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