Re: ANN: - Integrating the Web of Data

Georgi Kobilarov wrote:
> Dear all,
> We are glad to announce the release of, a free integration
> service for the web of data. 
> Uberblic imports structured data from sources like Wikipedia, Geonames,
> DBpedia, and the BBC, and integrates those sources into a single, coherent
> data set. It provides a single point of access to integrated web data, and
> we will continue to import many more open data sources soon.
> Our Uberblic Platform imports and processes live data, providing e.g.
> real-time updates of Wikipedia infobox changes, and will enable users of our
> mapping editor to extend data schema mappings interactively. The platform
> processes these mapping changes and pushes the resulting data updates
> immediately  into our data repository.
> Please find more details about the project on and find
> the announcement with screencast on our blog:
> For discussion about the project, please refer to our uberblic-discussion
> mailing list: 
> We are very excited about this first release, and are very looking forward
> to your feedback!
> Many thanks to our partners at Talis for their great support and for hosting
> the SPARQL endpoint for Uberblic on their Talis Platform.
> Best regards,
> Georgi
> --
> Georgi Kobilarov
> Uberblic Labs Berlin
Quick question.

I've lookup a URI using your service:

I can't seem to find an graph level relationships with its original 
sources (DBpedia, BBC etc.) . Is this me, your solution design and 
implementation choices, or something else?

At the very least, I would expect to be able to navigate from your 
linked data space to other linked data spaces, starting with your URIs.

Also, will you be using <link/> in our HTML pages (re. auto-discovery 
patterns) or is it strictly content negotiation? Ditto RDFa within your 
HTML pages etc..



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