Re: Content negotiation: Why always redirect from non-information resource to information resource?

On 27/01/10 12:41, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> Richard Light wrote:

>> If you see the URL as representing the subject of discourse (=
>> non-information resource), there are also non-RDF representations of
>> that subject which can be associated with the URL (and requested using
>> the 303 mechanism, by specifying a suitable Accept header).
> URLs Identify the Location (Address) of Information Resources (documents
> or data containers). Thus, I don't see them as representing the subject
> of discourse. I see them as containers of data which may or may not be
> structured. Re. Linked Data, they are containers of structured
> descriptions, and by virtue of Generic URI abstraction bound to the
> Referent Identified by the entire Generic HTTP URI.

You seem to be using URL and URI to make a distinction here? To the best 
of my knowledge there is no difference (although the name 'URI' is 


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