Re: [NISO iso25964] Fwd: VMF (The Vocabulary Mapping Framework) ontology released

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>>[Note:  The introduction to VMF (The Vocabulary Mapping Framework) is
>>available from the link of this page or at: 
>>] --mz
>Not finding a handy Turtle parser for my Windows environment, I have 
>been developing one to read this framework.  However, I hit a 
>road-block around line 59,366 of the complete source, as soon as some 
>French text appeared in a literal string. Shouldn't the encoding be 
>UTF-8, as per the Turtle spec [1] ?

Further to this, I provided an option in my parser to treat the input as 
having ISO-8859-1 encoding (contrary to the Turtle spec), and have now 
successfully loaded the statements from VMF into a home-made ModesXML 
"triple store".  However, since Protege loads the VMF as it stands, does 
this not mean that the Protege Turtle parser is failing to respect the 
Turtle spec (and thereby propagating bad/incorrect practice)?

Richard Light

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