Re: Linking to datasets from the Cultural heritage domain

Michael and Richard,

Many thanks for your reply.

Richard Light wrote:
> In message <>, Michael 
> Hausenblas <> writes
>> Monika,
>>> Are there any open datasets available to link with from the domain of
>>> cultural heritage.
>> I'm not aware of any. That said, we are working into this direction [1],
>> Joachim might be able to report on a recent event related to it [2] 
>> (German,
>> sorry ;) and my best guess would be to see if the MultimedianNL chaps 
>> [3]
>> have something handy.
> I think it's a work in progress.  I'm hoping to arrange a meeting in 
> London early this year, at which museum practitioners can get together 
> and discuss any progress they have made, and the potential for 
> adopting a common approach.
That is great. Would it be an open event. I am not very far from London 
as was wondering if I could attend.
> I've made an attempt to publish the Wordsworth Trust collection as 
> Linked Data [1], but it's nothing more than an experiment at present. 
> Each collections object now has a unique persistent URI, but the data 
> associated with it isn't very good Linked Data: hardly any URLs.  (The 
> only source I could use is Geonames.)  I've implemented the 303 See 
> Also strategy via a custom 404 error handler, and simply use XSLT 
> transforms to convert the source data (which is all XML) into the 
> desired formats.
> My conclusions from this exercise are that (a) we need a common 
> ontology for the predicates we need to record, (b) the CIDOC CRM is 
> suboptimal for this task, since we need the simplest information 
> structure we can get away with, (c) there is a major requirement for 
> (shared) URLs for the entities we want to link to our objects (people, 
> places, events, ...), and a means of mapping to these URLs, starting 
> from the textual information found in existing collections data and 
> (d) if we can crack this problem we can deal with all of history, not 
> just museum collections data.
Agree with all the above as it is a bit of the struggle for me as well 
right now. I have also only been able to link to Geonames and DBpedia.

> Richard
> [1] e.g. 
> responds to the Accept header to deliver results as RDF, XTM (Topic 
> Maps) or HTML.  The XTM needs attention.

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