Re: RDF Update Feeds + URI time travel on HTTP-level

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 11:59 PM, Peter Ansell <> wrote:
> It should be up to resource creators to determine when the nature of a
> resource changes across time. A web architecture that requires every
> single edit to have a different identifier is a large hassle and
> likely won't catch on if people find that they can work fine with a
> system that evolves constantly using semi-constant identifiers, rather
> than through a series of mandatory time based checkpoints.

You seem to have read more into my argument than was there, and
created a strawman; I agree with the above.

My claim is simply that all HTTP requests, no matter the headers, are
requests upon the current state of the resource identified by the
Request-URI, and therefore, a request for a representation of the
state of "Resource X at time T" needs to be directed at the URI for
"Resource X at time T", not "Resource X".


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