Re: .htaccess a major bottleneck to Semantic Web adoption / Was: Re: RDFa vs RDF/XML and content negotiation

On 2009-06 -25, at 13:29, Pat Hayes wrote:

> On Jun 25, 2009, at 11:44 AM, Martin Hepp (UniBW) wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> After about two months of helping people generate RDF/XML metadata  
>> for their businesses using the GoodRelations annotator [1],
>> I have quite some evidence that the current best practices of  
>> using .htaccess are a MAJOR bottleneck for the adoption of Semantic  
>> Web technology.
> I agree, and raised this issue with the W3C TAG some time ago. It  
> was apparently not taken seriously. The general consensus seemed to  
> be that any normal adult should be competent to manipulate an Apache  
> server.

(Was yours a deliberate sarcastic misrepresentation of the TAG's  
consensus, or a genuine misunderstanding?)   The TAG has expressed  
that the fact that Apache needs root intervention when it doesn't have  
the right mime type set up is a serious bug.

> My own company, however, refuses to allow its employees to have  
> access to .htaccess files, and I am therefore quite unable to  
> conform to the current best practice from my own work situation. I  
> believe that this situation is not uncommon.

So you mean you can't set up content negotiation and redirection.
But you can use foo#bar URIs like I do.

Will the company allow a mime.types file to include application/rdf+xml?


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