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> On 26/6/09 18:22, Tim rdf wrote:
>> [1]
>> is indicating that
>> foaf:holdsAccount rdfs:domain foaf:Agent; rdfs:range  
>> foaf:OnlineAccount .
>> Is constraining a property with BOTH a domain and range a good design
>> pattern? It seems rather short-sighted with respect to reuse and  
>> extension.

Domain and range are no restrictions in that sense; rather they extend  
the possible (!) interpretations of resources. Hence you don't say,  
"you can use foaf:holdsAccount only with foaf:Agent and  
foaf:OnlineAccount", but rather, "if something has a foaf:holdsAccount  
property then you can interpret it as foaf:Agent, and the value of  
this property can be interpreted as foaf:OnlineAccount".

IMO this is one of the greatest strengths of modelling with RDF(S) and  

Best, Bernhard

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