RE: Generic Linked Data Meetup Grp


LarKC is next teu/wed.  It cannot be altered, there's 20 odd people coming
and I have to be there period.  Failure to do this is unthinkable.  Our
position vis a vis EU hangs on this.

Beyond this, there is no significant time spent on LarKC aside writing a few
pages of review.

The BBC consultancy could be 3 days in London and 10 provided remotely.  The
first is consultancy proper, the rest is sample app development and
I take it they had budgeted something like a couple of weeks.  What's the

I have made a little sample to see ifunder what circumstances we can do 1000
queries per second.  The general answer is that we can but a lot of course
depends on the specifics which we do not have.

While there, I will clearly explain why they need what.  The training for
making views might best be done by somebody other than me.  Any


Received on Saturday, 20 June 2009 18:19:05 UTC