Re: vocabularies and data alignment

Hi Kingsley,

Thank you for the pointer. It is right Umbel provides a way to link 
vocabularies. There are others (e.g. SKOS, the alignment format).
We will look at how what we try to do can complement Umbel and build on 
it instead of competing with it.

Our experiment is actually focused on link-generator specifications, 
many exist and we would like to look at them and see how they could be 

Cheers !

Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> François Scharffe wrote:
>> Dear LODers,
>> There has been a couple of discussions already on this list on the need
>> for a vocabulary to represent correspondences between terms of different
>> vocabularies. We also saw recently various tools (e.g. Silk, ODDlinker)
>> allowing to automatically interlink datasets given a specification of
>> what should be linked.
>> However, there is currently no common way to publish and share this
>> information (i.e., not the links but the way to generate them, see [1]
>> for precision).
>> We are setting up an experiment [1] to see if it is possible to provide
>> useful services from this data. But for that purpose we need your help.
>> So this is a call for contribution: we are collecting any specification
>> of link generator for the LOD graph.
>> Of course, do not hesitate to comment on the idea or to tell us if you
>> want to be involved.
>> We promise a report on this by the end of summer (northern hemisphere :).
>> Cheers,
>> François
>> [1]
> Francois,
> With regards to the question [1]: did I miss something? How about 
> UMBEL[2] ? An effort that was created to address these kinds of issues 
> eons ago.
> I remain quite confused about the tendency to open up new patches when 
> existing efforts (of the community variety) are already in place. 
> Recreation from scratch doesn't scale. Rememer, Microsoft came to 
> prominence buy groking a basic principle: Embrace and Extend.
> Alignment across Vocabularies, Schemas, or Ontologies is what UMBEL 
> is/was about.
> Links:
> 1.
> 2.

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