Re: Exceptionally liberal licence - was Re: ANN:

Agreed.  Go for CC0.
Disclaimers are an orthogonal issue I *hope*.

On 2009-06 -08, at 00:13, Marc Wick wrote:

>>> Added some words in the about - any advice as to what the licence
>>> might be?
>>> I guess there is some cc licence that corresponds to:
>>> "The information is provided as-is and without any warranty.
>>> It is freely available for any use as you wish."
>> I would suggest you want the Open Database Licence [1].
>> [1]:
> Definitely not. The Open Database License is a kind of share-alike  
> license. share-alike does not work for data and cannot be considered  
> open. It prevents nearly all interesting use cases and is the  
> contrary of "freely available for any use as you wish".
> The cc0 licenses Nathan is suggesting are more what you are looking  
> for.
> Best
> Marc

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