Re: HTTP 200 instead of 303

Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> Martin,
> There's not enough context in your mail to really understand the 
> situation.

Yeah, there's some latency in the system. Luckily I have it in my
mailbox archive:

== Context ==

Steve Harris wrote:
>> Very cool resource.
>> On 20 May 2009, at 10:18, Libby Miller wrote:
>>>>>> Individual commodity descriptions can be retrieved as
>>>>>> follows:
>>>>>> Example:
>>>> This seems to give me multiple product descriptions - am I 
>>>> misunderstanding?
>> Yeah, looks like it returns the entire document that the particular
>> EAN appears in.
>> Not very linked data friendly (you'll end up with a large
>> proportion of repeated triples in identical graphs, with different
>> graph URIS), but certainly better than nothing.

== End Contect ==

So GET X,Y,Z all return content C (which mentions X, Y and Z, or
something like that).

Steve points out the redundancy problem. One option is a redirect, of
course, but I suggested a lighter option, viz. Content-Location.


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