Hi John,
Yes, I had noticed the Southampton problem - possibly like you because of
where we live :-)
We have plans, but not sure if there is time to execute them.
As you rightly worked out, the process is that someone identifies a
(possible) problem, and so the source needs to be informed of the problem.
Interestingly problems can become much more obvious once things have been
If they fix it, then the fix gets reflected back in our system.
We are not in the business of maintaining the knowledge ourselves - we
simply aggregate it from elsewhere (although of course we are also a source
through RKB).
We actually have most of the stuff in place to do this, but not the time to
do it well enough right now (it may happen in the next few months, along
with the ability to contribute).

I just thought that the data was "good enough" and the system fast enough to
be worth offering.
I have done some sampling, and don't disagree too much (after all, it is a
matter of opinion).
I had to reject some obvious LD cloud sources, as they were a bit dangerous.
Even so, I did see things, although I can only recall one other at the
moment which comes from a dbpedia-opencyc problem (it's a band thing).
In any case, I chose not to reject the dbpedia-opencyc stuff, despite it not
really being sameAs correctly typed.
This is meant to be a pragmatic service?
If anyone can give me some idea of the quality and breadth of the bio2rdf
coverage that would be good.


I suspect that I had a motive for not "fixing" Southampton, so that these
issues might come out if people were interested; was pretty sure you would
notice :-)

On 04/06/2009 08:25, "John Goodwin" <>
> Hugh wrote:
>> We are pleased to offer as a service to
>> provide you with help finding URIs.
> Great stuff. Are there any plans to provide a way to make feedback on
> "dodgy" sameAs relationships we come across?
> I noticed that Southampton (UK) has a few dodgy ones:
> r7000000000037256&x=20&y=17
> (which was broken by Opencyc stating Southampton UK was the same as
> Southampton Bermuda - will feed this back to opencyc).
> But yes - great service and v.v.useful.
> John
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