Re: ANN:

2009/6/3 Hugh Glaser <>:
> We are pleased to offer as a service to provide you with
> help finding URIs.

Great stuff!

> We believe that the Semantic Web and Linked Data need to develop clear,
> focussed, services that only do one or two things, so that they can be
> composed and utilised by the more complex services, as well as facilitating
> re-use.

I agree wholeheartedly. There is  still a place for complex monolithic
services (obviously, all scales, quasi-fractal), but I reckon the
URI-addressable minimal-function combinable service is more of a Webby
way to go. Also seems to me the future of agents - comparatively dumb
little services that gain their power through interaction with other

On, Davide Palmisano (@dpalmisano) commented that was very close to something he was delivering -
which points to other necessary parts of the puzzle: redundancy and
service descriptions (so if a particular service is down or under
stress an equivalent can be substituted). I know quite a few folks
have spent time on vocabularies for service descriptions but must
confess I've no idea what the state of the art is. Pointers for things
suitable for this scenario anyone?



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