Re: Owning URIs (Was: Yet Another LOD cloud browser)

> Not, just trying to get Explorator and Razorbase into an "Oranges and 
> Oranges" comparison realm, since Razorbase is completely based on the 
> faceted browsing REST API.
> Kingsley
Ok. I was referring more to the implied "navigation/exploration" model 
that Sherman was trying to illustrate through his scenario, and not so 
much about the implementation.

This actually gets back to some of the discussions we had at LODW2009, 
regarding what are the really appropriate abstractions to present to 
users while exploring the LOD cloud. From our experience with users, it 
seems that the simple RDF model is still too low level. In addition, 
users are not really used to browsing schema information together with 
data (which we think of as an advantage) - we have some scenarios in 
which this was clearly revealed.
So, lots of interesting topics to investigate!


Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 15:43:54 UTC