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Thanks Neubert,

sorry for the delay, was seriously taken for a few days.

Fine suggestions.

We'll add a host:* to what you can put in the box so that this can be
done very simply also some more url options to inject sources
explicitly, why not.

As a hacky workaround,  in the meanwhile a workaround can be to add a
specific term in the query e.g. if you ask

you do tend to get more dbpedia sources than otherwise ;-) so if you
have a specific term in your datafiles (e.g. thename of your files) a
certain part of the queries would locate those first (or only).


On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 9:05 AM, Neubert Joachim<> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> fine tool! Up to now I was a bit shy to demonstrate Semantic Web Browsers to end users, and here I see the potential to don't have them scared away.
> The incremental enrichment of the view is very nice. However it would be great to see our own sources showing up firsthand. Is there a possiblity to influence the order in which sources are searched?
> One Suggestion: It would be great to have an option (maybe even as default for new users) to show the labels instead or in front of the URIs, prefered language according to browser settings. If a skos:prefLabel is available, this one could be the best choice.
> Cheers, Joachim
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>> An: semantic-web at W3C; Linking Open Data
>> Betreff: - live views on the web of data
>> Dear Web of Data enthusiasts,
>> we are very happy to share with you today the first public
>> version of Sigma, ,  a browser, a mashup
>> engine and an API for the web of data.
>> here is blog post with screencast, sample "sigma" embedded mashup etc.
>> -of-data/
>> is heavily based on Sindice but also takes important
>> hints from Yahoo BOSS,  the OKKAM service and likely several
>> others soon
>> cheers
>> Giovanni, also on behalf of all -  Michele Catasta, Richard
>> Cyganiak and Szymon Danielczyk who worked specifically on
>> this but also .. and of the Data Intensive Infrastructure
>> Group, DERI as a whole.

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