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> and the objective is not to start another long philosophical  
> thread :P and it may be a very dumb question
> What are the drawbacks of this simple solution.
> in PHP for example:
> if($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'] == "application/rdf+xml" ){
>     header('Content-type: application/rdf+xml');
>     echo "......."
> }
> else{
>     echo "...."
> }
> I did this at
> However, there is a difference when it is /id and /id/. When I  
> dereference I get a 301 (Moved  
> Permanently) but with I get 200 (and  
> everything validated by Vapour!).
> As this ever been discussed? I can obviously see the drawback of  
> having /id/ vs /id .

I think that's not a content negotiation issue, but rather a resource
specification issue.

/id/ is a directory, and you're actually asking for the Directory Index.
The specific resource will typically be something like /id/index.html,
and be determined by the server.

/id is a specific resource -- though some servers may rewrite it to
/id/ if there is such a directory and no such resource -- as yours
appears to be doing.

Or have I misunderstood?


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