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Re: Announcement: Bio2RDF 0.3 released

From: Peter Ansell <ansell.peter@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 11:54:28 +1000
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Cc: Paul Roe <p.roe@qut.edu.au>, James Hogan <j.hogan@qut.edu.au>, Lawrence Buckingham <l.buckingham@qut.edu.au>
Hi all,

I have made a few fixes and changes to the initial 0.3 release, and
although I didn't announce 0.3.1 as I found some necessary
improvements after releasing it, the 0.3.2 version has now been
released [1]. A set of blog posts on the Bio2RDF blog [2] attempt to
highlight some of the new features, and can be linked to by people
wishing to advertise the changes on Twitter and other Blogs.

In particular, if people took the pipes definitions from
WEB-INF/(classes|src)/*.pipe, the pipes have been changed and the set
expanded so you will need to update the pipes that you copied out to
whereever your local pipestore is, to use them in your design and pipe
testing process before copying them back to WEB-INF/classes/*.pipe to
use them from within Bio2RDF. If you previously had edited
bio2rdf.properties to include new queries you will also need to add a
new parameter (Settings.CUSTOM_QUERY_IN_ROBOTS_TXT_KEYNAME=(true|false)
to let the Bio2RDF application know whether your query is contained in
the robots.txt file if you wish to make use of automated client abuse
blacklisting features which were implemented to fix an issue we had
with a rogue bot doing crawls across restricted queries.

If anyone also has a good list of biology related HTML providers where
I can take http://bio2rdf.org/html/namespace:identifier and generate a
URL to redirect the user to something like
http://namespaceprovider.org/script.page?id=identifier it would be
great to get access to it and check it against the current list [3]
and add in missing or new providers for existing or new namespaces. I
currently have 56 Bio2RDF namespaces which have redirects (you can
find the list by searching for "Query=html" on [4], although it
doesn't include the URL's that [3] has). A similar list of licenses to
redirect http://bio2rdf.org/license/namespace:identifier to would also
be nice (Search for "Query=license" on [4] for the current list of


Peter Ansell

[1] https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=142631
[2] http://bio2rdf.blogspot.com/
[3] http://qut.bio2rdf.org/admin/configuration/rdfxml
[4] http://qut.bio2rdf.org/admin/namespaceproviders
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