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Re: RDFa in Wikipedia

From: Jason Borro <jason@openguid.net>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 18:54:01 -0600
Message-ID: <48E178A9.1010805@openguid.net>
To: Chris Sizemore <Chris.Sizemore@bbc.co.uk>
CC: public-lod@w3.org

I was talking about tagging wikipedia articles with a subject (UMBEL or 
Open GUID, e.g.)

I did see the Semantic-MediaWiki project, but that is more geared 
towards specific ontologies.  There was a student recently working on an 
RDFa plugin for it [1], but not sure how extractable that is to base 

There was also a student submission to the SWIKIG group that did not 
receive any responses.  Might be out of date.

2. http://www.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/pipermail/swikig/2007-July/000427.html

Chris Sizemore wrote:
> hi jason, are you talking about "tagging" wikipedia articles or more
> about tagging other content with wikipedia URIs?
> best--
> --cs 
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> Subject: RDFa in Wikipedia
> Some of the biggest linked datasets are derived from Wikipedia and
> semantic URIs are generated from article names.
> Wouldn't it make sense to develop a MediaWiki plugin (or core
> enhancement) that allows tagging of an article with a URI instead?
> Ideally you could tag any arbitrary content with the 'about' attribute,
> etc (a full featured RDFa plugin).  Though tagging just the main content
> div would be a great start.  Maybe it's as simple as a text box at the
> bottom of the article edit screen.
> Then we would just need to convince Mr. Wales to enable it on Wikipedia
> and we would have more robust subject mapping.
> Thoughts?  Anyone familiar with MediaWiki have free cycles?  :)
> Jason
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