Re: "Data warehousing" using linked data

Hi Jason,

I think you are indirectly bringing up a bigger issue. It is not about
being using Linked Data technology or not, but rather about being
"Linked Data oriented".
I am using Linked Data and I wouldn't even dream of touching my
customer's warehouses. They are fine the way they are...
The trick is publishing the data within them using Linked Data
protocols so that it can be addressable in the data web.

Having said that, OpenLink is probably the first company to offer an
integrated end to end solution that allows you to move easily from the
Relational to the Linked Data realm. So they probably deserve to be
alone in that list for a while... AFAIK ;)


On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 1:52 PM, Jason Kolb <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've been discussing linked data's potential to replace traditional data
> warehousing infrastructure with a well-known analyst.  He has asked me to
> point him to companies that are addressing this market using linked data
> technology, and I only know of one (OpenLink) at the moment.  While I love
> Kingsley's products, I think forwarding him a list totaling one company will
> make the market seem laughably immature.
> Does anyone know of any companies besides OpenLink that are using Linked
> Data to address data warehousing solutions?  If so I would appreciate a
> link.
> Thanks,
> Jason Kolb

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