ANN: NG4J v0.7 released


We have released a new version of the Named Graphs API for Jena (NG4J). NG4J 
is an extension to the Jena Semantic Web framework for parsing, manipulating 
and serializing sets of Named Graphs. Furthermore, NG4J contains the Semantic 
Web Client Library which represents the complete Semantic Web as a single set 
of Named Graphs.

The new release NG4J v0.7 provides the following new features:
* support of Oracle as a persistent store for sets of Named Graphs
* support for URI based search with the Sindice search engine in the Semantic 
Web Client Library
* better management of 303 redirects in the Semantic Web Client Library

In addition to these new features v0.7 contains various bugfixes. We thank
Jennifer P. Cormier of Architecture Technology Corporation for her 
contributions to this release.

More information about NG4J is found on the project website:

 Chris Bizer
 Richard Cyganiak
 Olaf Hartig

Olaf Hartig
 DBIS Group
 Department of Computer Science
 Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin

Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 16:20:02 UTC