Announce: OpenLink Data Explorer Extension Update


We are please to announce the availability of an update release of the 
OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE) extension for Firefox [1][2].

Features and enhancements include:

1. New "Page Description" main and context menu item that provides a an 
(X)HTML representation of a resource description
2. First look at new "Find" feature which replaces "Search" and seeks to 
demonstrate that Linked Data helps us "Find" rather than "Search" for 
stuff (more to come re. this powerful feature in follow-on releases)
3. A number of aesthetic fixes

We've also updated the ubiquity commands [3] that provide commandline 
access points to the same services that drive ODE.


3. (*read my most recent blog post re. 
subscribe and unsubscribe howto*)



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Received on Saturday, 6 September 2008 15:32:50 UTC