Re: Developing

Hi Sergey,

> Tom,
> Indeed it's a good news, using more tools is a great idea and "planet" thing
> is very useful.
> I'll be happy to help with MediaWiki stuff and even Semantic MediaWiki. I'm
> running this combination on and
> and will be happy to open a (separate) discussion
> on how LOD project can use it.

Can we take you up on this?  Please contact me directly and I can 
help with whatever details you need regarding access or 
permissions or whatever.  I've been wanting to install an 
instance of Semantic MediaWiki myself and would welcome following 
the process.

> I think, there is one important thing to keep in mind - proper delegation of
> credibility and trust from ESW wiki project (that has some of W3C's fame
> being hosted there) to this new (from user's perspective) site. It's
> important not to loose this connection to be seen as a SemWeb driving force.
> Being new member of the community this is what I feel.

Perhaps others could comment on this, but one approach (though it 
does not itself establish trust) is, with the W3C and ESW 
support, to mirror in parallel the existing pages for some period 
of time.

Thanks, Mike


Michael K. Bergman

Received on Tuesday, 15 April 2008 14:41:56 UTC