Re: [dpla-discussion] Fwd: [DIGLIB] W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group draft report - Call for Public Comment

Dear Ron,

In your mail at  you made the following comment.

>     2. Digital Text Repository
>     Metadata is not the only way, or even the primary way any longer, that text repositories are searched. Full text indexes imply that all terms in the content should be linked to appropriate vocabularies or name authorities.

Full text indexes play indeed a crucial role in the process of searching through digital text repositories, and should be acknowledged. And enrichment via linkage (or in more technical terms, entity recognition and other similar processes) is very useful. But we argue that such annotation is also a kind of metadata!

To take all this into account, we have

1. Added in the paragraph on "automatic enrichment" in

the following text:
Such enrichment can play a crucial role next in connection with the textual content of documents in a repository. Indeed, full text indexes often play a major role in search processes. Producing metadata that links relevant terms in the text to appropriate vocabularies or name authorities can enhance search (yielding more relevant results) as well as allow better browsing and exploration of documents.

we have added
Fine-grained linkage could even be made at the level of individual terms in a document.
to the current "Enrichment" paragraph
(which currently "Enrichment: Enable end-users to link resources together, e.g. related descriptions, persons, topics, etcetera. For example, a poem in a digital text repository may be linked to the poet as defined in an authority file elsewhere on the Web.")

We hope these changes address you comments on this specific item in your list.


Antoine, Asaf, Jodi

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