RE: Is there a vocabulary to describe a Z39.50 interface in RDF?

Not really - there was some thought about using RDF to indicate relationships between base attribute sets and domain specific attribute sets during the attribute architecture discussions in the late 90s, but they didn't go anywhere, and the attribute architecture was quietly dropped.

In terms of Z39.50, the closest is the XML version of explain - ZeeRex. See , the xsd schema can be found at You could perhaps base an RDF version around this.

I've been meaning to delurk since we are working on SRU 2.0 - see (draft schemas at - you will find the latest draft SRU 2.0 explain schema there.

One thing we are trying to do is to allow different bindings (e.g. REST, SOAP, JSON etc.), so we'd be interested if there is anything we should be doing to make it more linked data friendly. We could add RDF schemas to the non-normative documents in the standard.


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> Subject: Is there a vocabulary to describe a Z39.50 interface in RDF?
> Hi,
> Before creating a new vocabulary... is there an RDF vocabulary to describe a
> Z39.50 interface in RDF? I only found this outdated project
> report:
> In detail, I would like to describe server, port, character encoding, login, and
> the attribute set.
> I already created another RDF property to point to an SRU base URL:
> but it would be wiser to have a shared vocabulary to describe Z39.50.
> Jakob
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