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In general, the heading style of scenarios within clusters in the generalized 
list makes it harder to read the document and to see its structure. Scenario 
titles are bolder than cluster titles and thus are too much emphasized.

I wonder if there would be an option to avoid the long listing of individual 
use cases. It is too long to be read by any usually busy colleague. The one 
paragraph texts are too long for grasping the LD relations, and too short to 
understand the case fully. One possibility would be to filter some favourite 
use cases for each cluster. Another to provide visual groupings of clickable 
use case titles (without Use Case prefix, preferrably). By clicking on the 
title, the reader would get the full use case. Groupings can be based on:
- the original clusters
- imaginary use cases and working services/prototypes
- 'atomic' use cases describing a well-defined and focused functionality (e.g. 
Use Case Subject Search)
   vs. generic services (e.g. VIAF)
   vs. content-centric approaches (e.g. Civil War Data 150)

Below some smaller details regarding the text:

--Bibliographic data:

Semantics standardization => Semantic standardization

... ensuring a standard element set (and interpretable element values, if 

Tagging web resources...: a simple example would be useful here to better 
understand what is being tagged and how.

--Authority data:

Metadata addition by users while uploading documents
could be changed to:
Authority data in the publication/authoring process

--Vocabulary alignment:

I'd put a sentence on the importance and example use of (controlled) 
vocabularies in libraries, unless the word vocabulary is well-known in this 
sense for most librarians. Multilingual discovery is possible using 
multilingual vocabularies.

--Archives and heterogeneous data:

Data management improvement subsection is written in 'imperative' style. I 
would emphasize data interoperability here by putting this word in a 
subsection title.


Publication representation enhancement => Machine understandable citations
Navigation enhancement => Navigable citations

--Summary of individual Use Cases:

Use case Pode: enduser services

Use case language technology: briding across languages

The description of the Mendeley use case is slightly misleading: its main goal 
is "a more advanced way of understanding paper-paper, paper-researcher, and 
researcher-researcher relationships". The "existing Mendeley system" should be 
replaced with "current practice".

Use case SEO: otpimizing

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